Our Specialties
The brain and nervous system are very important for the whole body to function properly. If there is a malfunction, outcomes can include sleeping problems, weakness in the limbs, paresis and paralysis. Patient with abnormalities need to be diagnosed accurately and provided with appropriate treatment to ensure recovery of the nervous system and the prevention of any future ocurrence.
Centers of Excellence
Fully integrated neuroscience center offering cognitive rehabilitation, Gamma Brain Surgery Center, Neurological Surgery Center, Memory Clinic, Stroke Clinic, Headache Clinic, Epilepsy & Alzheimer's/Parkinsons Centers. JCI accredited Primary Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury program.
Integrated center offering Stroke, Headache, Memory, Neurosurgery, and Rehabilitation Clinics. JCI accredited acute ischemic stroke program. Neurosurgeons utilize minimally invasive surgery techniques with zero damage to surrounding tissue.
Phuket Brain Institute provides unique brain health screening program designed to identify individuals at risk of Alzheimer's an d to develop customized plan to reduce risk. Five day program includes neuropsychological testing, laboratory testing, memory assessment, retinal testing, MRI scans and sleep test.