BDMS is pleased to offer a remote teleconsultation service exclusively for Chinese patients. What this means is that even if you are not able to travel to one of BDMS’ world-renowned hospitals you can still consult with one of our world-class physicians by requesting a video consultation.


What is teleconsultation?

Teleconsultation is commonly used all around the world to enable patients who may not be in the same location as world-class physicians to consult remotely using technology with that physician and receive an opinion based on an initial diagnosis that has been completed by a Chinese physician. Although the teleconsultation will be between your Chinese physician and the Thai physician directly you will be able to join and participate by asking questions through your Chinese physician.

How does teleconsultation work for Chinese patients?

If you decide you would like to take part in this we will schedule the appointment with one or several of our physicians who are experts in your particular medical case together with your Chinese licensed physician and you. On the day of your appointment, you will use Zoom to connect with both your Chinese physician and the BDMS physician who will be providing overall advice to the Chinese physician about your case. This will be completed in a secure and confidential environment.

Once the video consultation is connected you will see the Thai physician on the screen just like you were meeting them face-to-face. Your local physician and the Thai clinical team will discuss your case and you are welcome to ask questions via your Chinese physician who will be able to translate the question and answer from Chinese to English and back to Chinese. Within two days of your video consultation, your Chinese physician will receive a report written in Chinese providing a summary report and possible next steps (which would be finalized during a subsequent in-person consultation).


How do I arrange a teleconsultation appointment?

To request a video consultation here is how you can get started:

The first step in requesting a video consultation with one of our BDMS doctors is to complete the form on the Ping An Good Doctor application requesting a video consultation. Our partners at Ping An Good Doctor will collect your medical information from you and forward it to us together with the diagnosis you have received in China to verify that a video consultation is medically appropriate. Once we have confirmed the video consultation you will be asked to make payment as well as sign a disclaimer form. We will then set up the video consultation at a time that is convenient for you and a Chinese physician. Your local Chinese Dr. will receive a summary report after the video consultation. This will be shared with you and will be for your personal reference. You can take it with you for a face-to-face consultation with a doctor either in China or Thailand.